(917) 576-1043
BIRTH: May 13, 1945
New York, New York
DEGREES: B.A., California State University, Los Angeles, 1967
M.A., University of California, Davis, 1969

1968-69 U. of California, Davis; Ceramics Instructor
1969-70 Santa Monica School District; Teacher
1970-71 Pierce College, Woodland Hills, Ca.; Sculpture Instructor
1970-71 Sylmar Juvenile Hall, Los Angeles County; General Art Teacher
1971-73 Central Juvenile Hall School; Teacher
1973 California State Univ., L.A.; Ceramics Instructor
1973-74 Central Juvenile Hall Girls School; Teacher
1974-76 Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall; Art Instructor
1975-77 St. Augustine School, Santa Monica; Origami Teacher
1977-79 U. of Washington, Art Education Program; Visiting Lecturer
1977-78 U. of Washington, College of Education; Field Associate

1970 San Diego Art Museum; California South Eight
1970 California State Univ., L.A.; Venice, California
1971 San Francisco Art Institute; Centennial Exhibition
1971 Pierce College, L.A.; Inflatable Installation
1971 Brooks Avenue, Venice, California; Street Piece
1971 Santa Monica, California; St. Augustine Invitational
1973 Venice, California; Whoever in Transit; Architectural Installation
1973-80 Los Angeles, California; Portable Painting Series
1972, 1973 University of California, Santa Cruz; Performance Invitational
1973-77 Santa Monica, California; St. Augustine Invitational
1974 Los Angeles County Central Juvenile Hall School; Architectural Installation
1975 Venice, California; Aloha Swim Club 1976 California State University, L.A.; Book Show
1978 Directors Office, Henry Gallery 1978 U. of Washington, Seattle; Architectural Installation
1979 Suzzalo Library, U. of Washington; Rare Book Show
1980 Los Angeles, California; Private Commissions; Architectural Installations
1981 Beverly Hills, California; Beverly Hills Playhouse 1981 Los Angeles, California; City Cafe 2009 Gallery 221, New York, New York; Whoever Emerges Storefront Installation
2010 Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers, Brooklyn, New York; Dome Poem Window Installation
2011 Rhinebeck, New York; Snow Dome
2012 Marianne Courville Gallery, Hudson, New York

1976 Otis Art Institute, L.A.; Lecture
1976 U. of Washington, Seattle; Lecture
1977 Otis Art Institute, L.A.; Lecture
1979 Studio DeShay, Seattle; Reading and Lecture Series

2-21-71 Los Angeles Times; Henry Seldis
4-20-71 Art International; Joseph E. Young
1-73 L.A. Artists Pub. #3 Anonymous
3-1-73 L.A. Artists Pub. #4; Francis Brown
5-19-73 Art Week; Beverly O'Neill
6-76 Do Catalog, Tokyo, Japan; Tom Smith

3-1-73 L.A. Artists Pub. #4
10-74 Journal, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, "Variations on a Minimal Aesthetic"
6-75 Journal, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, "Two Dome Poems"
4-11-10 Outlaw Poetry, "What Can You Make with Newspapers"
3-12-16 First of the Month, "Under All"
4-1-16 First of the Month, "Ode to Ohr"
4-18-16 First of the Month, "The Working Day"
9-25-16 First of the Month, "Prodigal Fathers"
11-3-16 First of the Month, "The Deplorable, the Desparate, and the Complacent"

Richard Artswager
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
University of California, Davis
Rolf Nelson
Hal Glicksman
Suzzalo Library, University of Washington
Henry Art Gallery, U. of Washington; Permanent Collection
Hazel Koenig
Daniel Zimbaldi
Morris Sheppherd
Francis Brown