We provide investor relations and consulting services to public companies. Regular consulting services include: writing and editing all press releases, public announcements and other corporate communications; the design and layout of marketing material, annual reports and other forms of audio and visual media. In addition we make introductions to money managers, fund managers, institutional and portfolio investors, securities dealers and investment bankers.

The success we have enjoyed to date has been, and continues to be, a reflection of the quality of our relationships with the executives for whom we consult. These relationships are based on mutual respect and trust that gets built up over time. As Gadflies we often find ourselves at odds with the views of our clients. As outsiders we are able to express thoughts and ideas that employees, officers and directors may also harbor, but feel constrained to express.

The role of a consultant requires significant psychological sensitivities to the myriad relationships that exist between clients, their employees, officers and directors. Our services are retainer-fee and equity based, depending on the amount and type of work required.

We make our time available to clients on a 24/7 basis.